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Realnaps® is a trade name of REALNAPSBET Limited, a company incorporated under the provisions of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the registration number 1634076.

We are authorized by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to engage in business activities ranging from general contract, general supplies, logistics and more. Realnaps.com is a website (domain) owned by REALNAPSBET LTD, the website (Realnaps.com) was created to enable prospective clients enter into a contract with REALNAPSBET LTD at their own convenience. The website Realnaps.com will on behalf of REALNAPSBET LTD, supply professional services for betting and gambling predictions based on our discretion. These services will be delivered virtually, via the website, mobile app, browser extensions, SMS, phone calls and other options that are convenient for the company and, with consideration of the eligibility of the Realnaps users. The website Realnaps.com on behalf of REALNAPSBET LTD, will also supply software to handle and automate betting actions. The website (Realnaps.com) on behalf of REALNAPSBET LTD, will provide the above services upon entering a contractual agreement with the eligible Realnaps user that he/she shall pay REALNAPSBET LTD a fixed amount or agreed commission of his/her profits as a result of using our services. In other to ensure smooth and legitimate transactions, REALNAPSBET Ltd is also registered and certified by the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFFC). We are certified by the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) and we work with the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria to ensure legit transactions.

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First Aim: Our aim is to provide services that are user friendly, efficient and also satisfy our user's expectations, by giving them the best predictions. We strongly trust and believe in using our automated betting software for consistent winnings.

Second Aim: Our research revealed that 90% of people who bet on virtual sports end up losing their money. Our aim to change the mindset of the world towards betting on virtual sports. We want the world to know virtual sports betting is a lucrative business, and people can make a living out of betting on virtual sports. We want them to understand that virtual football, like every other business, can be profitable when the “investor” knows how to strategize and manage his/her money and emotions properly.

Third Aim : We understand that betting is dynamic and losses are inevitable, but with strong hope and faith, our aim is to be known for excellence and accurate predictions. We would love our predictions to be bankable so our users can bet on our predictions without fear of losing

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Realnaps was founded by Daniel Onyebuchi Okechukwu A native of Abia state, Nigeria.

Daniel Okechukwu started the Realnaps virtual football project after he lost everything he had on him (school fees, house rent, savings, every penny) on virtual football in November 2013. At the point of total bankruptcy, Daniel Okechukwu took a Nokia E63 mobile phone and recorded a video of his current predicament with the hope of uploading the video when things turn around for good. (He later uploaded the video 2017). At the point of making the video back then, Daniel Okechukwu, who was a computer science student decided to channel all his attention towards understanding the logic and algorithms behind virtual football. Daniel Okechukwu then created the first Realnaps.com website, a free blog where he shares updates on every strategy, betting technique and prediction pattern he discovered on vfl. In the year 2015 Daniel Okechukwu decided to stop sharing his virtual football tips and discoveries when he realised that each time he shared a new strategy and pattern (loophole) of virtual football, such discovery stopped working. He discovered that vfl blocks and changes the pattern whenever such a pattern shared had gone viral.

Daniel Okechukwu who was getting better at developing algorithms and softwares as a per time hubby decided to program all his further discoveries and patterns into a prediction software. The prediction software was called The Realnaps VIRTUAL FOOTBALL CALCULATOR. The prediction calculator used the discoveries and patterns programmed into it to predict the outcome of virtual football league. The Realnaps Virtual football calculator is updated whenever a new or better pattern is found.

Daniel Okechukwu felt his prediction calculator was the best way to protect his strategies and discoveries. According to him, "It’s better the calculator does the predictions, this will make my followers win more and they won’t bother themselves with following my latest discoveries on YouTube. it is also safer, because each time I share my discoveries on YouTube, bookmakers block the patterns after a few days."

His first virtual football calculator was free of charge, after which he started charging 30% of any winnings made through the virtual football calculator. When he discovered that people were not honest and diligent in paying 30% of their winnings made through the Virtual Football Calculator, he decided to start charging a fixed fee as subscription. From The Virtual Football Calculator lots of improvement and upgrades has been done. Today, Daniel Okechukwu has created more betting softwares which includes automatic betting software that does the work of a Virtual Football Calculator (predicting and calculating the best outcome) and further placing the betting automatically on behalf of the user. Today Realnaps has grown into a global company where members from every part of the world can sign up a contract with the company and make use of the prediction and automatic betting software.



The first Realnaps automatic betting software was available only on Realnaps server for 3 years (2017 - 2020). Considering the erratic nature of power supply Nigeria, and internet data being out of the affordability zone of the average Nigerian, The founder of Realnaps.com (Dannyokec) felt it would be wiser to let all bettings run on the Realnaps server since Realnaps as a company had the required resources such as unlimited internet data and uninterrupted power supply. The founder felt he would be saving cost and expenses for the average Nigerian and in return, it would make his users more winnings without having to go through the hassle of spending more of their winnings on electricity and internet data.

When the first Realnaps automatic betting software (server-based) was launched in 2017, most people found it difficult to believed it was true, after all, the founder of Realnaps (Dannyokec) was a black Nigerian man therefore, most people felt the idea of him creating an automated betting software that could do predictions and bettings sounded like a fairy tale. It would seem easier for the proverbial camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to get people into investing in his software.

Is automatic betting really possible? Can a black man (Nigerian) be creative enough to make a software of that nature? In 2018/2019, the majority of Realnaps accounts that were hosted on Realnaps server got blocked and banned from betting. Realnaps was faced with a huge liability (losses included clients who would never patronise Realnaps again and expenses incurred to host such accounts for the months for which bettings were carried out).

While the founder of Realnaps was in a depressed state due to the fact that his account was black listed, Nigerians who were already sceptical screamed blue murder, saying he was a fraud and the alleged betting software had been a scam all along. Daniel Okechukwu was defamed on all social media. He rode the waves of criticism and moved on to draft a smarter way to run bettings in a manner that no bookmarker would be able to trace such accounts back to him or Realnaps.

Half way into 2019 Realnaps suffered a major loss, the majority of the company’s bettings lost as a result of no “safe bet” measure. This again left people in losses and more doubt. At this time, it was now a believable “truth” that the founder of Realnaps was a scammer. Many did not bother to listen or understand that the inevitable had happened (THE GREAT Realnaps LOST. THE BETTING COMPANIES WERE STEPS AHEAD THIS TIME) everyone clamoured for a proof that automatic betting is really going on.

The year 2020 started bright and the founder of Realnaps had learnt all that was there to be learnt. Bettings were now done with a “safe-bet” and there was strict compliance with bet management strategies. Late in 2020, Daniel Okechukwu made headlines as a scammer who scammed many on virtual football, a scammer who claimed he created an automatic betting software that wasn’t feasible. Consequently, Daniel Okechukwu decided that since his good intentions of saving Nigerians' cost had turned into name callings he would make a copy of automatic betting available for free and Premium. People who feel automatic betting wasn’t possible would know it was possible all along just that the founder had faced lots of challenges at the early stage of the software.

Today, Realnaps has proved not just to naysayers, but also to her old and former client who at one point or the other felt scammed that there was never a scam, but only a challenge that set the path to the development of a bigger and better prediction software.

In November 2020, Realnaps created a free Automated betting software that can be installed on anyones computer and mobile phones (instead of on Realnaps server as done in the past). The major reason behind the free automated betting software was to prove that Realnaps was never a scam and to further prove that automated betting is real and not a cooked up story. Realnaps started automated betting 2017 (Only on the companies own server) because they wanted to subsidize the cost of electricity and internet data but 2020 the automated betting software became a house hold software anyone can install and use for free.

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